The goal of this facilitator-led training module is to:

  • increase awareness and recognition of the different forms of  microaggression
  • equip staff with strategies to intervene effectively in order to prevent further harm
  • foster a more inclusive environment
  • educate on established reporting mechanisms through HR, promoting a culture of responsibility


Training modules are tailored to three competency levels—foundational, intermediate and advanced—each of which encompasses specific knowledge, skills and actions (KSAs) that promote racial equity. Take the Self-Assessment Survey to determine your initial competency level.

Self-Assessment Survey


This training module is designed to be conducted in a half-day workshop (approximately 3-4 hours).

  1. Introduction 
    • Welcome and introduction to the importance of addressing microaggressions in the workplace
    • Overview of the training goals and objectives, emphasizing the role of staff in creating an inclusive and respectful workplace
  1. Understanding Microaggressions
    • Definition of microaggressions and their impact on individuals and the workplace climate
    • Differentiating between microaggressions and other forms of discrimination
    • Real-life examples of microaggressions to enhance understanding
  1. Incident Reporting Mechanisms
    • Explanation of the established incident reporting mechanisms to report microaggressions and ensure confidentiality and protection
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