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Congratulations, Senator Montigny and Representative Peake!

On March 23, 2023, the Chief Executive Officers of CONNECT and distinguished guests and legislators honored Senator Mark C. Montigny and Representative Sarah K. Peake for their ongoing devotion and commitment to public service, and particularly, for their advocacy throughout all levels of our public education system. Throughout their distinguished careers, they have demonstrated their staunch support and tireless advocacy for a plethora of critical changes which have had a significant impact on our successful regional higher education collaborations.  We were honored to have the opportunity to recognize them for their service. Congratulations and thank you, Senator Montigny and Representative Peake, for your dedication and commitment to public service!  This year’s celebratory event, which was held UMass Dartmouth, also highlighted Dr. Noe Ortega, Commissioner of Higher Education and six students who represented their institutions during a panel discussion. The student panelists were Cindy, BSU;  Aim, Bristol; Zaria, CCCC; Kolby, MMA; Kehinde, MCC, and Cameron, UMD. Thank you to all of our guests, panelists, and legislators for participating in our annual event. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

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